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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

A very happy new year to all my customers, readers, friends, and supporters!

2012 was quite a year here! Unfortunately, because of the database getting deleted and me not having a backup (stupid Rob), there is no record of most of that. However, I say this is an opportunity! Remember that time I fought a kraken with my bare hands and then the queen ordered a hat from me? No? It’s in the blog, there’s pictures and everyth… oh wait, that got deleted. Nevermind. It was awesome, believe me!

2012 marks the year that I am hoping to take this place up a peg or two. I already take just enough in sales here and from my other business to pay rent and stuff, but I really want to build this site this year. Things are afoot! There’ll be new products, and new… things. Wait and see!

In the meantime, again, a very happy new year, and remember- next time YOU are fighting a kraken, wear abeautifulpalegreen. It’s guaranteed kraken proof*.


*Not actually guaranteed kraken proof.