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Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

One of the blogposts that was lost recently was about a pair of yoga pants I made for a friend. Over the years I’ve been making clothes, I’ve been given many old items that would have gone out, or gone to charity, and among them, I had a crateful of t-shirts. When my friend asked me to make her said yoga pants, I realised that this was a chance to use some of them up.

The result is the riot of colours and designs you see on the right. She wanted them loose and comfortable, with a deep crotch, so I just made up some rough templates, laid out bits of fabric to fit, and stitched the whole lot together, adding an elasticated waistband at the top, and some ruffles to the ankles.

Today, I will be making my mother’s christmas present, and she also wants yoga pants, although ones that are rather more sober than these, and also a rather different fit. Pictures to follow!