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Thursday, August 9th, 2012

I’ve been working on a waistcoat to go with the circus trousers!

This is a rough design (pictures taken with my phone, so they aren’t the best). I started work the other day, paying particular attention to that pocket- I’ve only done a handful of slashed pockets, and this is the first I’ve done at an angle AND over a dart. It was actually quite painless, though, and it looks great!

I was quite careful with the dart positioning on the harlequin side, too, so that it didn’t throw the pattern off too much. I considered using a pleat instead of a dart, since the whole thing will be underlined with a heavier fabric, but I want it to be quite fitted when it’s done; I’m not a fan of the traditional baggy harlequin suit one sees- this outfit is for the hardworking harlequin on the go.

I’ve been delayed because I ┬áneed plain black and white cottons to make the back panels, and to line the whole thing with; in the past, I would have just used whatever polycotton I had lying around, but I’ve decided it’s time to reach for a higher quality. I should be able to get hold of some today, and then get the whole thing finished early next week.

UPDATE: It’s finished now! Take a look at the bottom of this post to see it on me!


On a different note

While I’ve been much better at updating this blog lately, the real action is on my twitter account, so head over there and follow me to keep up to date!

Ode to the jar of olives I bought myself as a reward for doing my taxes

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Oh! Olives! I have not eaten you in such quantity

Since I was last in Spain, I think, but

I believe you are in fact from Greece.


I bought you to reward myself for

Doing my very first tax return. I feel

Like a grown up, but

It’s the best of both worlds, because it turns out that I didn’t make enough last year to have to pay tax.


Your delicious, tender flesh belies

Your label, which says that your jar

Contains all of my daily allowance of sodium, but

I’ll go for a run in a bit, and get a sweat going, and to be honest I think I was lacking salt today anyway.


Your cavernous, pitted interiors are filled

With tender slices of pimiento, which is, I believe, a kind

Of pepper, although I am not sure what kind, since

In Spanish, “Piemento” just means “Pepper”.


I have been gradually emptying you as

I write this, and I know that soon

You will be gone, and this poem

All that remains to me to remember you, but

Rest assured that the financial year is only so long, and

If I get my act together and do my next tax return in April instead of leaving it to the last minute, then

It will not be long before

We meet again.


Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

A very happy new year to all my customers, readers, friends, and supporters!

2012 was quite a year here! Unfortunately, because of the database getting deleted and me not having a backup (stupid Rob), there is no record of most of that. However, I say this is an opportunity! Remember that time I fought a kraken with my bare hands and then the queen ordered a hat from me? No? It’s in the blog, there’s pictures and everyth… oh wait, that got deleted. Nevermind. It was awesome, believe me!

2012 marks the year that I am hoping to take this place up a peg or two. I already take just enough in sales here and from my other business to pay rent and stuff, but I really want to build this site this year. Things are afoot! There’ll be new products, and new… things. Wait and see!

In the meantime, again, a very happy new year, and remember- next time YOU are fighting a kraken, wear abeautifulpalegreen. It’s guaranteed kraken proof*.


*Not actually guaranteed kraken proof.


Saturday, December 10th, 2011

If you’re here as a result of seeing us at the Plymouth Alternative Christmas Fair, then welcome! There’s usually more here, but the site went down recently, and we lost six months of blog archive, which is a shame. Anyway, ┬áhave a look around, check out the store, like us on Facebook, or whatever you want! Thanks for stopping by!