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El Coronel Ocell

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

On my last visit to Barcelona, I was fortunate enough to see Marta in her theatre group’s production of El Coronel Ocell, or Colonel Bird.

As much as I enjoyed the play, this was special for another reason. It was the first time my name had appeared on a programme for something I have made. The first time, I hope, of many. My name is on the left hand side. Enlarge the picture to see it properly.


And a picture of them in action:
In action!

Also, check out Marta lying on the floor down there!

These jackets were made from a heavyish polycotton twill. Five were identical, for the regular soldiers, and one was a little longer to make the Colonel seem more authoritative. I also embroidered badges for them all, since in the play, they are U.N. uniforms. Or possibly just U.N.iforms.