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Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

I like to knit.

I realise that, as a 21 year old male, that makes me a little unusual, but roll with it.

There is something wonderful about knitting. I have always been a fan of knitted garments, my mother being an exceptional knitter, and while other teenage boys may have balked at the thought of wearing something knitted by their mother, I could not wait, preferring chunky jerseys because they were ready quicker.

Learning to knit was something I had intended to learn for quite some time, but I didn’t actually do it until the beginning of this year. I had always been a maker, but mostly with wood and metal, and when I was trying to think of something to make for Marta, knitting offered the thrill of creation without the need for a workshop or expensive tools. Marta had knitted me a lovely scarf for christmas, and I wanted to make her something nice for the next time we would see each other. Somehow, my plan to knit her a scarf of her own turned into a rather more ambitious plan to knit her a patchwork quilt.

Looking at Etsy, not many people have done that, which is a shame, because it makes for a very nice cozy quilt. The result can be seen just here:

This was an excellent first project, since there was nothing more complicated than knitting and purling in it. And I would reccomend it to any knitter, new or experienced; I have just started making another, and now I can try out any cable or fairisle combination, see exactly what happens if you do that then that and then something else, without having to dismantle it afterwards.

Also, because there is no point in letting a good post go by without advertising something, the first thing I ever knitted to a pattern, this hat, is now for sale on Etsy. I knitted it for Marta, but it turned out to be too small, so there it is.