It’s Bloggin’ Time, Cyberpunk, Circus, and Things.

I realise I don’t blog enough. Pretty much no one does. I do microblog a lot, though! That counts, right? Anyway, here is a wee blogpost for you.

I feel like since Rapscallion Collective became a thing, my designs have really picked up. I decided to be less scared about using colour and detail, and, for better or worse, slightly less pragmatic about what I do. In the past, my designs have been limited by me not wanting to use particularly interesting fabrics, in case I can’t get more of them when I run out. Now, I’ve decided to step it up, and make things from whatever I fancy. Things that maybe can’t be exactly replicated, like these gypsy punk trousers:




Once I get some decent pictures of them, I’ll get them up on my Etsy Store.

I’ve also been getting a lot more into corsetry. I’ve made some cool industrial corsets, for men and women. Here’s the male version:




And the female version!


Of course, if you’re female and you want a vest style corset, or male and fancy a regular overbust, both patterns can be adjusted easily for you!

Finally, I’ve been making some neck corsets, which are cute and fun!




I’m still trading at various markets with my colleague Kiran-Lee. Here’s a picture of our most recent stall at the London Fetish Fair!


And that about brings you up to date! Sorry for the lack of posts. There’s a website redesign coming soon, and once that’s done I’ll blog more. I know everyone says that.

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