Rapscallion Collective

It’s been quiet here lately, and I’m sorry for that. Part of the reason is that with all the events I’ve been doing, I’ve just been making stock, which isn’t very exciting to blog about. I have got a few new things on the way, though, so keep your eyes peeled!

Now. In addition to making stock, I’ve got rather more exciting news. Anyone who has Liked my Facebook page or followed me on Twitter will already know this, but a couple of months ago some friends I met through trading and I started a collective. It’s called Rapscallion Collective, and we make things.

That’s me on the left. You know who I am. Next over is Kiran-Lee, an outrageously talented corsetiere, lingerie maker, and designer. Next over is Lorrianne, of Tatterdemalion Bazaar, creative and chaotic, maker of horns, masks, hats, and anything else her wild orbit encompasses. Bottom middle there is Lydia Wall, talented milliner and laser cutter.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing! There’s a link to the Collective facebook page up there, and you can follow us on Twitter.


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