How To Make a Badge

Here’s a little how to for you! My dad was clearing out his wardrobe recently, and he came across a jersey from his days in the Aberystwyth Coastguard. It’s got a really nice embroidered logo on the front, but unfortunately the jersey itself is rather motheaten and past it. He wanted the logo made into a badge.











The first step was to cut roughly around the badge, leaving plenty of room on all sides.











The next thing is to work out what size you want it to be, and cut the edges neatly. On a non woven fabric like this one, the easiest way to do that is with a rotary cutter and a steel rule. If you don’t have these, give some thought to getting them- they make cutting waaaaay easier and faster.











You should now have something like this:











Now, because this is a knitted fabric, it’ll stretch, and we don’t want that. The next stage is to cut yourself a piece of backing for it. I used some polycotton drill that I had lying about. Any reasonably heat resistant fabric that doesn’t stretch will work. Make sure you can’t see it through the main fabric, though- choose a matching colour for a loose weave, or knit.











Now, take either some fusible interfacing or some hemming web (which are basically the same thing), and carefully line up the badge with the backing, with the fusing in between. Then iron, from the back- don’t iron the face, you run the risk of scorch marks, and of shrinking the embroidery.











Now you have a pretty nice looking badge, and all that remains is to finish the edges. There are several ways you could do this; I used some matching thread on my overlocker- you could achieve a similar effect with a short stitch length on a zigzag sewing machine.











Alternative methods of finishing would be binding the edges, or really any other method of hemming.

I hope that was helpful! My dad was very pleased with the way it turned out, and it’s a nice keepsake, without having to keep the whole garment. Levae a comment or get in touch if you have any questions!


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