I’ve decided I need to adopt a new MO for this site. In the past, what I’ve done is had an idea, chosen a size, and made the product in that size. While this is straightforward, it does mean an awful lot of people see a size 10 item when they want a size 12, or a size 8 when they want a size 10. Couple this with the fact that dress sizes are fairly arbitrary anyway, and what you have is a mess.

So from now on, I’m going to start making a range of things and listing them on Etsy, to be made up in the sizes supplied to me by the customer. This way I won’t end up with stock sitting around because it’s the wrong size, and more people can get the size they need. I’ll still do custom orders, and I’ll still do one offs from time to time, but mostly I’ll be offering a made to measure service. The other advantage of this is that I can justifiably make stuff for myself, which is great, because I never get cool clothes!

The first item I list, when I take some better pictures of them, will probably be these trousers:

You know you want them.

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