Possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever made

The other day my landlady wanted some bits of fabric to make lavender bags with. I had a dig through the “lightweight” crate, and found some bits for her. Among them was some green gingham, which I bought several years ago now, and never got around to using. Seeing this, I suddenly had an idea for a top, and the rest was actually not history, but hours of me getting frustrated with my sewing machine’s apparent inability to shir properly, and THEN, when I had sorted that out and altered the design a bunch and then realised that it would actually work and look awesome and got excited about it, THEN it was history.


It’s not really finished yet, it needs a few seams finishing up and so on, but the outline is done! It’s a super lightweight, polycotton lined halterneck summer top, with BOWS! Bows are super cute. Ask anyone.

So there you have it! I’ll get it finished up and find a pretty girl to model it for me, and then it will be for SALE! Also, I think I’ll add more bows.

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