Mackenzie tartan


My dad was throwing away an old kilt, and I decided it was far too good to get rid of. So I shanghaied it and dismantled it.

It was bought for him when he was a child, which means it was made, we think, in 1956, so this is proper vintage stuff.

It’s a bit motheaten in places, but the thing that people who don’t wear kilts may not realise is that they are huge. This one was made for an 8 year old, and contains 4 metres of fabric.



Four Metres of Tartan





Full sized kilts can have up to nine yards of cloth, which is a huge amount.  Seven yards is pretty standard, though.

So I now have four metres of 50 year old, pure Scottish wool Mackenzie tartan to do something with. Any suggestions?


Also I have another kilt to unpick this afternoon.


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