An Unusual Parallel

I am going to draw, as you may have guessed from the title, an unusual parallel.

I enjoy playing video games, particularly the kind that involve shooting at people and corrupting society.

I play online, on a server that allows up to 30 players at one time, which means that things can get a little cramped.

All too often, I will run into an area, and there will be five or more members of the opposite team, each an excellent and easy target.

However, in the time it takes to choose between them, I am usually taken out myself.

This is sort of how I feel right now. I have some catsuits to make, and a pair of jeans for a friend, and two pairs of trousers that my mother wants doing, and two dresses for Marta, and a bustle for Etsy. On top of this, I really want to make Marta a corset, if only for the practice of making a corset, and for the secret reason that she looks really good in a corset.

But here I sit, unable to pick a target.

I think, for tonight at least, I will stick to video games. At least that way the choice is made for me.

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