As I said in the Etsy description, I know it’s irrational, but I love this cushion.

Pi cushion

At christmas, my aunt, a reformed dressmaker herself, came to stay with my parents, and when my mother started knitting, and I started knitting, she lamented the fact that she had not brought any knitting with her. I told her that I was, very slowly, making another knitted patchwork quilt, and if she wanted to knit some pieces, that would be very much appreciated. So she began, and knitted a good number of pieces for the quilt. Recently, my mother finished her project, and didn’t have anything lined up, so offered to knit more patches. But I suggested she knit something more immediate, perhaps four equal sized patches to make into a cushion cover. Then we started talking about Harry Potter.

Shortly after that, we were talking about the jumpers that they recieve every christmas from Mrs. Weasley, and I mentioned that I would like to knit something like that for Etsy, but that it would be a shame if I knitted one with an H, and then someone called Julie really wanted one. And I didn’t really have time to knit 26.

Then, we hit on symbols. Symbols are tremendously important these days. It’s a generational thing. My mother, brought up before iTunes, and when CD players still had text on them, doesn’t know what that little equilateral triangle and those two vertical lines mean, but I know that it means play/pause. And then, when you think about it, there are an enormous amount of symbols in everyday like. You just have to look at any comic or cartoon where a character swears in a speech bubble to see that.

A short period of frenzied creation later, we came up with the projects. I would knit the Pi LLOW, and my mother would knit the square root of X, which, at time of writing, is still under construction, but should be available on Etsy soon! What is the square root of X? I don’t know. Perhaps it is nine. Perhaps 12. It might even be Pi.

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