Silk is a fabric I very much enjoy working with; it is a delicate feeling fabric, which nevertheless has a great deal of strength to it. It catches the light beautifully, and is stiff enough to hold its shape, while still hanging nicely.

For Marta’s royal dress, I thought I would go all the way and stitch it in silk thread.

It turns out that silk thread is horrible.

It is the twistiest, knottiest thread I have ever used. Hand sewing with it is a nightmare because these twists and knots form between almost every stitch. And, for all that we hear about ninjas and assassins using silk ropes because of their light weight and enormous strengh, it breaks all the damn time.


Edit: I just stitched the hem in. Just over two meters in length, and the thread broke at least four times. The Bolero will stitched in cotton, and it will LIKE IT.

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