Marta’s royal outfit is done! I posted it off to her yesterday.

I haven’t taken any pictures of the bolero or the petticoat, but I have no doubt that some will be along at some point. Here, at least, is a picture of the dress, before I had done the hem, and looking great from the front, although at the back the zip was wide open to allow it to fit on my mannequin.

So now I am free to do a few other bits. Right now, I am working on my friend Kate’s christmas present. And it is only march! Admittedly I was meant to give it to her last year, but progress is progress! It is a Star Trek themed corset, which I started making quite a long time ago, before I had anywhere near the ability or knowledge to make it. This means that completing it is more a matter of making the best garment that I can from the nightmarish cluster of fabric that, if I recall, I told Kate would be finished “tomorrow”. That was the day I measured her.

Anyway, if there is one part of this project that I am quite pleased with, it is the logo that I embroidered, which is also the main reason that I didn’t want to start over again, because a lot of time and effort had gone into that little part.

After this is finished, which will hopefully not be too long, I am going to make another, much, much better corset for my cousin, now that I actually have some idea what I am doing. It’s going to be black coutil, based on a design from around the turn of the century. Pictures to come!

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