Long overdue update

I know that most blogs do this. Update a bit and then do nothing for months and then apologise for not posting more. And I also realise that, just because I am aware of this fact, it does not become excusable that I do this too. But there we are.

Now, I know all my loyal fan is waiting for an update on abeautifulpalegreen, and here it is.

Firstly, I lost the contract to make a friend’s wedding dress, because her mother bought her one. This kind of sucks, but the blow was lessened by the fact that ON THE SAME DAY that I heard this, I made my first sale on Etsy! The parachute top has sold! I am very happy about this, because I really did feel that while the quality of costruction was not the best, since I started it a long time ago, when I really didn’t know very much about sewing, the idea for this top, and the execution, at least aesthetically, are pretty good.

The second piece of news is that, given this sale, I decided it was time to really push forward with this business. To that end, I have registered abeautifulpalegreen.com, and a friend of mine is very kindly building a site for me, which I am very much looking forward to!

I have a number of orders to fill for friends at the moment, as well as a dress for Marta, made of just the prettiest blue taffeta that I have ever seen, for a Very Important Event. And on the Etsy front, I am hoping to have another steampunk skirt, and a corset or two, available very soon, as well as a few more diverse items.

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