Some time ago, and it feels like a lot longer than it was, I discovered steampunk. It looked like fun, and I wanted to get involved, but there wasn’t very much going on outside of the US at the time.

Now, with the Etsy shop open, and with me in a better place for making things, I have decided to make steampunk clothes.

Making steampunk clothes is fun. I am making a waistcoat at the moment. I always get a little bored sewing buttonholes, but then, what is steampunk about buttons? Let’s replace them with some nice brown leather straps.

And wool, for a waistcoat? No, I much prefer canvas and other heavy fabrics.

It’ll be a little while before this waistcoat is ready, because it is going to be fairly heavily embroidered. But here is a little preview:

The embroidery is going to stretch all the way up the right hand side, with the straps and buckles taking up most of the left. I haven’t been this excited about something I have made since I knitted my first jersey!

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